Moving to a new home can be a little upsetting, no matter how long you have lived in your current place. For myself, every time I move out of an apartment I feel a little bit nostalgic and always take a moment to reflect on the memories I’ve made. When I get to the new place it always feels so void of memories that it feels as though I’m living in a strangers house. That being said, I’ve moved around quite a lot and have found ways to make the new place feel like my own, very quickly. Read on for the eight things I do to start to make a house feel like home.

First Things First- Hang up Your Family Photos:

One of the very first things that I do upon moving into a new home is hanging my photos and artwork on the wall. Have you ever bought a photo frame and left the photo of the girl that came with the frame in there for longer than you should have? It’s the same thing with your new home. Take down any photos and artwork that were left behind and make the place your own!

Make the Bed With Your Own Linens and Pillows:

I have a body pillow that I absolutely love and can not go anywhere without. I have also been using the same blankets for years. Laying these out on the bed right away so I have my own blankets and pillows to fall into makes my homesickness go away ten times faster.

Unpack Your Belongings:

If you tend to procrastinate, some of your things may stay in boxes for months on end. (don’t worry, we’ve all done it!) However, if you are feeling like your new place just doesn’t feel like home, maybe it is time to look at finishing your unpacking. If all your things stay in boxes, it could feel as if you are just passing through. Change that by unpacking all of your things and giving them all a spot in your brand new home.

Make a Home Cooked Meal With Your Family:

A good way to make your new house feel like home is to start making new memories in it! What is the one comfort meal that you always make with your family when the occasion arises? Well, get everyone together and make it! Or, if cooking isn’t your thing, you can also do a games night, movie night, or whatever else you like to do at home with your family.

8 Easy Touches to Make a House Feel Like Home

Pull out your Candles/Diffusers :

If your new place smells like home, it is more likely to feel like it. Aromas are subconsciously associated with places and memories where you have smelled them previously. Therefore, by lighting the candle you used to always burn or pulling out the same incense you have always had, you will start to feel more at home instantly.

Stock the Fridge with your Typical Grocery Haul:

Opening your fridge and seeing the same things you usually see will give you an immediate sense of normalcy. Mix this point with the home cooked meal and you have yourself a recipe (see what I did there?) for success!

Throw a Housewarming Party:

If you are living in the same city, invite your friends and family over to help break in the new place. Seeing everyone you love in the new place will help it start to feel homey quicker. If you have moved away from the city or town you were living in, invite your new coworkers or neighbours to a housewarming party. This will help you feel less alone, while at the same time allowing you to meet new people and make new friends!

Last but Not Least: Give it Time!

As cliché as it sounds, sometimes time is the best remedy. You may get homesick during the first few weeks in your new place. However, the longer you are in your new place, the more at home you will begin to feel!