Are you planning a move sometime in the near future? You might want to think about moving sooner rather than later. Spring is the perfect time for a move for a variety of reasons. Read on, and we will have you convinced that you should pack your bags and get on the road just a little sooner than you expected!


Milder Temperatures:

Moving in the summer sounds like a great idea. That is, until the day of the move comes, its 40 degrees outside, and you have to haul boxes around when you would rather be sitting on the beach! Even after you finish the move, you will have to spend some of your precious summer days unpacking boxes and organizing your new home.

Save your summer months for beach days and BBQs! Get your moving out of the way now so you can be unpacked and be organized before the summer festivities begin.



Beat The Rush:

Most people do their moving in the summer. By moving right now, you can beat the rush. You will have an easier time finding a place, especially if you are renting, as the competition is lower. Additionally, the moving companies won’t be as busy, so it’s much easier to secure your perfect moving time!


Spring Cleaning:

Spring is well known as the perfect time for a deep clean. People often use spring as the ideal excuse to organize and declutter their homes. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Get your spring cleaning done while you’re packing up your boxes and heading out to your new digs. Since spring is a time for new beginnings, there is no better time to do it!


Spring Is The Perfect Time For A Garage Sale:

What are you going to do with all your stuff after you finish decluttering for your move? Well, if you’re moving in spring, there is no better time to have a garage sale. Moving in the spring or summer allows you the opportunity to have a sale and hopefully make a few bucks off your junk. There isn’t quite the same opportunity for this in the winter.


Selling Your Home:

Spring is usually a great time to sell your home. People are either looking to move so they can be settled in time for summer, or looking to purchase in advance for their pre-planned move once summer hits. Get your house listed at the perfect time by making sure you have it listed on the market in time for both types of buyers!


Spring Is A Good Time To Move With Kids:

Spring can be a great time to move with your children. There are plenty of long weekends to take advantage of, as well as an entire week off during spring break. This means you can move without having to worry about their grades getting affected. Additionally, if you are moving far enough away that your kids have to change schools, it’s a good idea to let them change at this time. This gives them a few months to get adjusted and make friends at their new school. This way they don’t have to be the new kids when September rolls around. This helps allow them to enjoy their summers as they won’t spend the entire time anxious about starting a new school and trying to make new friends.

So, have we convinced you yet? Take advantage of the perfect moving weather and allow yourself to enjoy the summer in your brand new home. There is no better time to move then in the spring! Looking for movers to assist you in your spring move? You can request a free estimate here!