Are you looking for a new roommate to split the cost of your place with you? Or maybe you’re looking for a place to move into. Either way, it can be tougher to find a good roommate then it is to find a place. You can easily see whether or not you are going to like a place with a viewing. However, how can you pre-screen a potential roommate? Where do you find this potential roommate? There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping you solve the problem of where to find a roommate.


Kijiji is a buy and sell website that can help you find a place as well as potential roommates. They have a variety of rental-related categories such as apartments for rent, houses for rent, short term rentals, and of course, room rental and roommates.


Like Kijiji, Craigslist is also a buy and sell website with a variety of rental categories. If you are looking for a roommate to move into your place, check out the rooms wanted category. On the opposite end, if you are looking for a room to move into check out the rooms/shared category.


Facebook can be a great resource when searching for and vetting your potential future roommates. There are multiple pages for Victoria-specific rentals wherein roommate postings are frequent. One of the most popular pages is Victoria rentals (BC Canada)

Another suggested Facebook page is Vancouver/ Victoria Rentals, Sublets & Vacation Rentals. Keep in mind this is for both Vancouver and Victoria, and smaller in size than the rental group suggested above.

Roommates is a website that is dedicated to finding a roommate, or for a person with a place looking to rent out their room. It is a fairly popular website and usually has a ton of different options for both places to live and people looking for a place. The best part of Roommate is that each person has to fill out a mini profile. This way you can learn a little about the other person to make sure your interests align before moving in together. The information available in a Roommate profile includes whether they are; working full time, working part-time, a traveller, a student, retired, unemployed, LGBT, a smoker, or whther they have children or pets. An added bonus is that, if you find the perfect roommate, you can team-up to find a place together.

Where to Find a Roommate in Victoria, BC

Easyroommate is a website that is, again, dedicated specifically to finding a roommate. Both people looking for a roommate to rent out their room, as well as people looking for a place with a roommate can post an ad. Though there is a low volume of listings available, you can look for the exact rooms (or person) that meets your specifications, making the listings you do see very high quality.


Roomster is an app you can download that is available on both Apple and Android. Best way to describe it; Roomster is the Tinder of the roommate world. When you begin it will ask you if you are looking for people or a place. Once you choose your settings it will show you the people that are searching or the places that are available depending on your choice. It shows you the person’s name, their age, and the total rent they are asking for or can afford. At that point, you can message them on Roomster, give them a call, or send them a text to request a viewing. Roomster is one of the more popular roommate apps and usually has between 5-10 quality roommate listings in Victoria at any given time.

Talk to Friends and Family:

If none of the above pans out, you can also look for a roommate the good, old-fashioned way! Make it known to all your friends and family that you have, or are looking for a spare room. A lot of the time your inner circle will know of someone looking for a place as well. This way you can connect with someone who you know will most likely be a good fit as your friends or family have vouched for them.

Have you tried any of these options? Let us know in the comments which platform has worked the best for you. Additionally, if we have missed anything that you have tried and worked well, please let us know.

Good luck with the roommate hunt!