It might be tempting to leave everything for the last minute. However, preparing for your move earlier than the day before can make it a whole lot easier. Having things sorted and organized in advance will save you loads of stress!  Follow the tips down below the week before you move to help make it an enjoyable experience. 

Have your mail forwarded.

Give the post office your new address. This will help ensure that you won’t miss any important letters in the months following your move. When you get to your new place and you get these forwarded letters, call the company and inform them of your address change.

Finish the majority of your packing.

The only items that should be left for the day of the move are items used on a daily basis. Everything else should be packed up and ready to go at least a few days in advance.

8 Things to Expect on Your First Move

Cancel/transfer all current services you receive.

Ensure all services are paid in full and closed out so you won’t have to worry about them post move. This could be things such as cleaners, internet providers, utility companies, etc.

Close/Transfer bank accounts.

If you are with one of the larger banks such as BMO or Scotia you won’t have to worry about this one. However, if you are using a credit union and you are moving to a different province you will need to find a new bank.

Prepare Prescription medications at least the week before you move.

If you are moving to a different city make sure to call your doctor and ask him to send your prescriptions to a pharmacy in the new area. Also, ensure you have enough medication left to get you through the move. You wouldn’t want to run out if any complications arose when refilling in the new pharmacy.

What to Do the Week Before You Move

Start using up your groceries.

If you haven’t used them already, this could be a great opportunity to throw a going away dinner party for your friends/soon to be ex-neighbours. Bonus: you get to create one more memory in your current home.

Defrost your fridge.

If you are taking your fridge with you make sure you let it defrost before hand. Though this doesn’t have to be done an entire week brefore you move unplug it one or two days in advance. Make sure you lay down a towel to soak up any water as it melts.

If you deal with the above the week before you move, you will have a way smoother time when the move actually comes. Read our next blog titled ‘What To Do The Day Before The Move’ to keep this momentum going.