The big day is finally here. Your house is packed up, the movers have arrived, and if you’re anything like me you’re feeling super excited mixed with a feeling of sad nostalgia. So what do you do next? Read our tips on what to do the day of the move to find it!

In the old house:

Gather your important documents, the ‘sleepover kit’, and food bag.

Bring these with you in your car so that you will have them ready and available when they are needed. (Don’t know what these items are? Check out our previous post!)

Wait for the movers to arrive.

Give them any special instructions you may have in regards to your boxes. Your fragile boxes need to be labeled as such and iff you have a specific system in place to keep organized, let the movers know.

Make sure all the windows are locked and the place is secure.

You don’t want anything happening in between you leaving and the new residents taking over, to avoid this make sure the place is locked tight to avoid any complications in this area.

Leave your keys for the next resident.

If you forget to do this you’ll probably have to drive them back or mail them. While this is easy enough to do it’s always less hassle just to remember to leave them in the first place.

What to Do the Day Of the Move

Do a final walk around of the home.

This has two purposes. One, to ensure that you didn’t leave anything behind. You’ve probably checked already but now that the house is completely empty do one last walk around. Two, take a minute to say goodbye. This is your last time ever being in this house. Take a moment to appreciate it!

At the new house :

Unpack the box with everyone’s bedding.

Once the movers leave, unpack the box with everyone’s bedding. At this point, the whole family is likely feeling exhausted and drained. Get this set up first so you won’t have to worry about it last minute when you are ready to fall into bed!

Bring the box with all your important documents inside.

Make sure you put it in a safe place so it won’t get misplaced amongst the rest of the moving boxes. One of the most stressful things that could happen on moving day would be to lose this box, keep track of it at all times, and find a new spot for it as soon as you have a chance.

Plug the fridge in.

You’ll want this ready to go as soon as possible, that way you can get groceries right away. It takes at least 12 hours for the internal temperature to reach the correct setting, and up to a day in hot weather. Take care of this first. That way, you can get groceries the next day.

Unpack your essentials kit.

This kit should have everything you need for the day. This allows you to hold off on unpacking if you are too tired to start at this point.

Start unpacking!

Again, this is optional. If you want to get started, go ahead. If you prefer to relax your first night in your new home that’s fine as well. From here, the speed you decide to unpack is really up to you. However, if you want to be unpacked within two weeks, checked out our tips from our previous blog post ‘How to Unpack in Two Weeks or Less.’

What to Do the Day Of the Move