There’s no doubt about it, moving is expensive. Whether you are moving across the street or moving across the country, there are a lot of expenses that come with the move. From moving boxes to packaging, truck rentals, professional cleaning for the old place, and movers, these costs can add up! We want to save you money, so follow our tips on ways to save when making a move.

Find Free Cardboard Boxes

When moving, a huge expense can be moving boxes. Buying all of your cardboard boxes, brand new will eat up a considerable chunk of the budget when you have an entire house to pack up. Finding used ones will save you money, and it’s reasonably easy to do. Ask your friends or anyone you know who just moved if they have any boxes available. You can also check out some local businesses. Typically they have a ton of boxes that are just going to be recycled anyway, so they are happy to have you take them off of their hands.

Ways To Save When Making A Move

Second-Hand Packaging Materials

Again, another way to save when making a move is to use second-hand packaging materials, or to make your own! If you can find used packaging at your stores or from a friend, this will definitely save you money. However, if you aren’t able to find these, you may have other items that will do the exact same jobs. You can use your clean clothes, towels, and linens to wrap your fragile items. This will save not only money, but also space. Considering you need to bring those items anyway, you might as well make good use of them!

Sell Your Old Stuff

This is another option that will both make and save you money. First off, you will be saving money as you will have fewer things to move. If you are paying movers, buying boxes to fit it all, or just need to fit it in a specific size truck, moving with less stuff will ultimately end up costing you less. Additionally, you make money off of the items that you sell. It’s a win-win!

Do Some Pre-Move Meal Prep

When you have so much going on and possibly have your kitchen already packed, it can be easy to just eat out for the entirety of the move. With a little bit of pre-planning however, you can save a ton of money meal prepping, especially in a larger household. Before your move plan out some simple, quick meals, you can eat without needing to put in a lot of prep work. Eating out is expensive, if you want to have a cheap move, eating at home is a huge money saver!

Ways To Save When Making A Move

Visit the Dollar Store for Supplies

Scissors, tape, and if needed, bubble-wrap can be found at the dollar store for way better prices than other stores. Just a few dollars can get you moving supplies you require, as long as you are looking in the right places!

Pay Attention to Utility Bills

Make sure the utility companies are aware of your move and shut off your old utilities as soon as you can. If you aren’t careful, you could find yourself paying utilities at the old and new place at the same time. Avoid this by making sure your old utilities are shut off as soon as the move is complete.

Take Advantage of Write-Offs

Are you moving long distances for work or school? If yes, you may be able to deduct your moving expenses on your taxes. Keep your receipts so if you can deduct you have the paperwork necessary to do so.

Moving will always be an expensive endeavor, but using these tips that show you ways to save when making a move will help you stretch your moving budget further, so you can start spending your money on decorating your new pad!