Weather and Climate

Victoria is a great place for those looking for a temperate climate in our fair province. With over two thousand hours of sunshine per year, the city has a lot to offer no matter what the season.  

The Hendra Moving Team is here to provide you with information on the season’s greetings in Victoria, and we’re happy to give helpful tips you should know when hiring a company be it spring, summer, fall or winter.


Floral Springs and Patio Summers

A Victorian spring greets its denizens like few cities. With more than just the greenery to emerge once the frosted hand of winter pulls back, a springtime here gives you pink and purple too. Expect streets of cherry blossoms to turn deep purple once summer rolls around. And for good measure, keep that bike out of storage with an average rainfall of 850 mm (that’s 250 mm less than Vancouver).

It’s also a city prepared for summer with seaside attractions that will draw out those sunny days. With a seemingly endless summer that keeps the sun out of the clouds 8 months of the year, you can look forward to getting that Canadian tan you’ve always wanted. Whether this means afternoons at Thetis Lake or tepid evenings in one of Downtown Victoria’s many patios, you’re guaranteed to get the season’s full potential.

Moving Tips
  • Get an estimate sooner rather than later. Peak season tends to start as soon as February and can last until Labour Day.
  • Timing is important. The cost of moving can vary depending on what time of year it is. Many moving companies shift their prices during the spring and summer to compete with the amount of demand they receive.
  • Finish the move before the weekend starts. Sure, it might work with your job schedule to move on a Saturday, but hiring a company on a Monday can save you money if their pricing model benefits the slower weekdays (Monday through Wednesday). There’s no substitute for getting the stress of moving out of your system before your time off.


Picturesque Falls and Peaceful Winters

The golden season has much in store for those who enjoy the outdoors. For those who lace up their boots and hike out into nature’s beauty, you’ll find auburn valleys of maple and Garry oak. And in October take trips to the pumpkin patch with the family. All this without shifting the dial on your heater, keeping your house cozy when the weather turns lousy.

Lets face it, Canadian winters have a bad rap. Specifically when it comes to the headache of shoveling your car out of the snow. But, with little-to-no snowfall every year, the good people of Victoria rarely face the cold like their countrymen. Victoria is the place for a stress-free winter with a three month lifespan of silent nights. Or if you’re longing the frozen ponds of Manitoba, hit the ice with the family at the Fairmont’s exclusive rink.

Moving Tips
  • Check the weather and be prepared to wrap items that might be damaged by the rain if the forecast looks foul.
  • Keep your jackets and scarves handy in a box you can easily access for the days that put a nip in the air.
  • Turn those heaters off! There’s no point in firing up the furnace if the warm air is going to be leaking from your open doors all day.
  • Make sure to cover your floors so you can keep cleaning to a minimum. Old towels, tattered blankets, and ugly carpets work great for keeping the dirt out of your house.
  • Stay vigilant on icy roads. Even Victoria can hazard black ice on particularly cold mornings. When it comes to driving your precious items, remember that slow and steady wins the race.
  • Have a time frame in mind and know when sundown is. Unpacking in the cold is bad enough, don’t let yourself get caught out in the dark too.
  • Treat yourself! Have your preferred hot beverage waiting for you when that final piece of furniture gets unpacked.

No matter what season it is, Hendra Moving is here for you.  We know you want to spend less time worrying about moving and more time enjoying the moderate climate of this wonderful city. Book an estimate today and become one step closer to making your transition as easy as it can be.