Have you thought about making the move to Vancouver Island? If you have, you aren’t alone! Many people are fleeing the lower mainland to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that the island has to offer. Trading the rush hour traffic and sky-high prices in for a peaceful life on the beach have many citizens rethinking whether or not city life is for them. If you are one of them, read our top five reasons to live on Vancouver Island and decide if #islandlife is right for you!

Business Opportunities

Small businesses tend to do well on Vancouver Island. This is due to a variety of factors, ranging from the fact that locals typically try to support local businesses, to the fact that start-up costs and business overheads are much smaller than they can be on the mainland.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Living on the island is typically a more relaxed experience. There is less traffic, shorter commutes, and more affordable living. This allows islanders to work a little less, and enjoy life a little more. The island typically has less nightlife, but more to do in terms of outdoor recreation. (which takes us to our next point)

Top 5 Reasons To Move To Vancouver Island

Outdoor Recreation

What is your favorite outdoor activity? Chances are, we have it here. Caving, whitewater rafting, diving, surfing, hunting, fishing, river tubing, snorkeling with the salmon, sailing, mountain biking, and skiing are just some of the endless list of outdoor activities available on the island. Not to mention the fantastic land features we get to see. Vancouver Island is home to many incredible waterfalls, unusual potholes where water has sculpted its way through the rocks, and old growth forests for you to explore. You can also view amazing wildlife with bears, seals, and whales being commonly spotted throughout the islands. Of course, we also have infamous hiking trails, which attract people from around the world. Even within the city, there is still tons of things to do and see.

With all of these amazing options, what could we possibly be missing?

Easy Transit

Another bonus to living on the island, if you ever start to miss the city life, it is only a 2-hour ferry ride to get back. Likewise, you are typically living only a few minutes away from the complete wilderness. The cities are pretty compact as well, so you can be anywhere in the city in a maximum of 15 minutes. Of course, there is typically no traffic to slow you down either. When you move to the island, the term gridlock is a thing of the past!

Local Charm

There is nothing quite like the local charm out on Vancouver Island. Each community is a little bit different in its own way and has it’s on draws. Take for example Nanaimo, ‘The Harbour City’ or Campbell River, ‘The Salmon Capital of The World.’ Arts and culture are aplenty with totems and wood carvings everywhere you look.

Local Farmer’s markets are overflowing with artisan goods and handcrafted ornaments found in every community. You can typically find local produce, eggs, meats, cheeses, and even local breweries with ease. If you are a fan of local high-quality products and foods, island living will definitely suit you. You can even pick up locally caught seafood on the docks of most cities.

So what are you waiting for? A more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle is waiting for you if you make the move out to Vancouver Island. Come try out island living and see why so many mainlanders have already made the move themselves!