Moving at an age where you have decreased physical functionality can be incredibly stressful for seniors. If they are moving into an assisted living or seniors home this time can be even more so. Losing their autonomy is always a fear for seniors and moving into a home can cause unnecessary stress. Keep reading as we give you pointers on how to make the move easier for your senior loved ones.

Tip #1: Start Talking About the Move as Early as Possible:

Most seniors dread the day that they have to move into a seniors complex. The loss of freedom can be overwhelming for senior citizens. This is why it is best to start talking to them about the possible move long before they have to make it. This gives them the opportunity to have a say in when it happens, as well as where they go. If you wait until it is absolutely necessary to have the discussion about moving with your elderly parents/relatives they may feel as if their choice in the matter has been taken away. Give them lots of time to get used to the idea and decide for themselves when they feel ready to relocate.

Tips for Moving the Elderly

Tip #2: Let Them Make Their Decisions on What Stays and Goes:

Likely their new living situation is going to require them to downsize drastically. It can be tough to go through a lifetime of belongings. All the items may represent certain memories or certain periods of their lives. You weren’t there for all their time so you may not understand the importance that certain objects may hold. Let them make their own decisions on what should stay and what should go. They may already feel like they are losing their freedom, so let them make their own decisions when it comes to their belongings.

Tip #3: Make Sure They Know you are Still There For Them:

All seniors have the inner fear that they are being sent away to the nursing home. They may feel as if they will be subsequently forgotten about. You and I know this isn’t true but it’s important to make sure your elderly loved one knows it as well. Remind them that you will come to visit them whenever you can and then, (listen up, this is important!) actually do it! Keep in mind that loneliness and depression are common in senior citizens. This becomes heightened as their friends begin to pass on. When the younger generations become too busy to visit often this can also have a negative impact. Try to visit whenever you can. If you are busy and can’t make it as often as you/ your parent would like, see if there is a service offered in your city where volunteers go and visit the elderly in your place.

Tip #4: Leave them out of the Move if Possible:

Moving is stressful! For seniors moving into senior housing, this is even more so. Imagine you were leaving the house that you had so many memories in. You had to throw out the majority of your stuff, and couldn’t even help with the moving process. Save them some of this stress and anxiety by leaving them out of the move. Find someone to take them out for the day or drop them off at the group home where they can begin to get to know their new neighbours. They have enough going on as it is, let them enjoy the moving day!

Tips for Moving the Elderly