Did you move to Victoria on your own? Will you be alone on Christmas? Perhaps you made a courageous decision to relocate far from your hometown in pursuit of an opportunity. That boldness is commendable! Maybe you are a senior who has moved into a retirement residence and none of your family members are close by.

Being alone during the holidays is challenging, sometimes depressing. But you don’t have to settle. There are things you can do, actions you can take, to make your first Christmas in Victoria a delight!


There’s an inherent joy in helping others during the holiday season. Christmas embodies the spirit of giving, making it an opportune time to give back to your new community. Engaging in volunteer work might also introduce you to others in similar situations, forging potential friendships with fellow volunteers who sought companionship away from home.

Use Technology to Stay in Touch.

Technology bridges the gap when physical presence isn’t possible. Applications like Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook Video Messenger enable you to virtually participate in your family’s Christmas celebrations. It’s not the same as being there of course, but it allows you to share their fun.

Go Out for Christmas Dinner.

Relish a delightful Christmas dinner without spending the day toiling away in the kitchen. Many restaurants around Victoria offer Christmas dinners, and you can find some of them listed in Tourism Victoria’s website.

Ask your new coworkers or acquaintances what they are planning for Christmas. Someone might welcome an extra companion at their family gatherings, fostering a more inclusive and cheerful celebration.

Join an Event

Victoria is a culturally vibrant city, and there are events happening daily. Every month, we like to share some of those events in our monthly newsletter. If you’d enjoy having this kind of information, be sure to sign up at the bottom of our home page.

Enjoy Solitude.

You’re alone for your first Christmas here, which means you have no responsibilities! How often do you get to revel in the luxury of doing absolutely nothing all day? Pamper yourself. Watch Christmas movies, bake some treats, enjoy a bottle of wine, soak in a warm bath. It’s your day.

Want to get to know your new city better and skip the holiday festivities this year? With almost everybody occupied with family celebrations, popular tourist attractions are less busy, hiking and hiking trails are less crowded.

However you decide to spend your Christmas, we wish you the Best of the Season.