Not everyone will get the time off to move house this holiday season. The haphazard nature of relocating is a difficult task in December, a month where everyone else is winding down with family, hot beverages, and Christmas Classics.

Here at Hendra Moving, we know you want to spend less time agonizing over the move and more time with family. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips that could give your Christmas time move the season’s greetings you need.


Turn up the Heat

Victoria’s mild climate might make it less chilly than other Canadian capitals, but with lows of minus two so far this December, consider sorting out the utilities of the new place before you arrive.

The benefits of having a heated living room with an internet and landline connection can be the difference between a miserable first night and a relaxing house warming. Arriving at a freezing cold house with no way of telling your family you love them is a surefire way to put the bah-humbug spirit into your holiday cheer.



When it comes to decorations, a little bit can go a long way. This doesn’t mean you should be stringing up lines of coloured lights around the outside of your new house. Instead, consider keeping some garland on hand to wrap the banisters with.

If you have time to get a tree, then consider taking time away from your unpacking to decorate it with friends and family. The boxes can always be unpacked another day. This holiday move, make sure you spend some time for yourself.


Keeping the Gifts a Secret

If surprise is the name of your gift-giving game, you’ll want to be sneaky with how you pack the goods. Hiding them inconspicuously in labeled boxes can fool your loved ones long enough until you have a chance to actually wrap them. Pack the presents alongside ordinary items like kitchen appliances or office supplies in case your helper elves get curious.


Prepare for Snow

With respect to Mr. Crosby, leave the dreams of a white Christmas to someone else’s holiday spirit.

In Victoria this likely won’t be a huge concern, but if you’re moving from the interior expect to break out the boots and shovels. Keep things like snow tires, salt, chains (if you need them) and your trusty snow shovel out of the moving truck to make sure you’re not stuck spinning your tires in the driveway.

Salt and shovel your pathway as well. The outside pavement can get icy and a salted pathway can ensure you and your helpers don’t slip. Check out our living guide to see some more tips for winter moves.


Get Help From Professionals

One of the unfortunate byproducts of the holidays is the limited time you’re left with because of family engagements, parties and more. The time you’ll have to spare getting supplies, organizing your things, and trucking it kilometers away, will be considerably less.

Hiring a mover before all the festivities can save you from the stress of figuring how your things will get to the new place. When booking your estimate, be sure to inquire about what’s being included. Understanding the extent of the movers services, like packing services, can incur hidden costs. At Hendra Moving, we’re always upfront with what you’re getting. Book an estimate today to get a jump on your holiday move.


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Moving Day…

Get ready for moving day with a playlist of your favourite seasonal hits. The charm of a familiar tune and a hearty song can put a cheerful spin on the hustle and bustle of moving.

Warm drinks and sweet treats might seem unimportant at a time like this, but when morale starts to falter, small rewards like these can be key in raising people’s spirits.

If you have small children, ask if someone can take care of them until you’re finished.

Happy holidays, from Hendra Moving!