You’ve put down an offer on your new home and have begun packing up some rarely used items. You know this time you want to hire people to move your belongings for you, but with so many options out there, how do you find the one that is right for you?

Ask Around

If you know anyone who has moved recently, ask them who they chose and how happy they were with the service provided.

If you don’t know people who have moved recently, or if they moved themselves, then it’s time to turn to the internet. Look up some different options and see what their online reviews say about them. You can also call up some companies and ask them for references.

If you aren’t sure how truthful online reviews or company references can be, you can always call the Better Business Bureau and ask them if they have records of complaints about the company.

Narrowing Down the Search

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential companies to those that your friends, family, and company referrals have said are good and easy to work with, it’s time to narrow down your options even further.

This time you want to look at which companies fit into your budget, so you will want to call them up to set up an appointment for an estimate. Because a large portion of the estimated budget is based on the weight of your belongings and how much space they will take up in their truck, the companies should send someone to your house to catalogue everything you need them to move.

Picking the Perfect Movers

Once you have several written estimates, it’s time to compare your options. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  1. Which company’s estimate works best with my budget?
  2. Which one has the services you require (Will they disassemble and reassemble furniture that doesn’t fit through the door? Do they provide packing services?)
  3. If there is a gap between when you need to move out of your old place and when you can move into your new home, do they have a storage area for your belongings or will you have to find a second company for that?
  4. Are there additional cost such as a surcharge fee to transfer belongings to a smaller truck that can fit in your apartment’s parking area?
  5. What is their moving insurance like?
  6. How have you felt about your interactions with the companies employees so far?

As you work your way through the questions (and any others you come up with yourself) cross off the companies that won’t meet your needs. Hopefully, you will be left with just one result. And if you are currently in the process of narrowing down your options, contact us for an estimate today. We’d be happy to help you with your move.