So you’ve got your cardboard boxes ready and you’ve decided to tackle the garage. If you’re anything like me, you have an average assortment of tools and sporting goods spread out along the walls to make space for the car. The good news? Packing these items should be straightforward (some might already be packed to go) while others might prove to be outright frustrating. When it comes to emptying out the garage, clearing things out can be a job more difficult than you think it is.

Keeping things in perspective, know that the job isn’t complicated—it’s just tedious. That’s why we here at Hendra Moving & Storage have compiled a list of helpful tips to consider when packing up a garage when moving.



Get Started Early

A universal truth that can be successfully applied to any manner of packing is to start early. When it comes to packing the garage, you’ll find that most of the contents can be boxed up weeks before your move-out date. Because of this, packing your garage should be top priority in the early days of your move-out.

Where Is It Going?

Depending on which part of Victoria you’re moving to, your new place might have less garage or storage space than your current dwelling. Because much of the residencies here have been retrofitted to feature multiple suites, you might find that your home-space is more expansive than your garage-space. This is especially true for Victoria’s older municipalities such as Fernwood and Oak Bay.

Equipment Needed

You’ll need your regularly scheduled packing materials such as cardboard, packing tape, resalable bags, markers, and bubble wrap (or its alternatives: old rags, packing blankets, etc…). When picking out the cardboard boxes you’ll be using for this job, be sure to pick the strong ones. It might be in your best interest to invest in some brand new boxes. Things in the garage tend to be heavier and thus having a sturdy box can be the difference between your things on the ground or in the box.

Keep The Toolbox Out Of The Truck

Because you’ll always need a flat-head screwdriver handy when it comes to taking apart furniture. There’s no point in packing away these small hand tools this early in the process. Keep it around in the upcoming weeks, making sure the tools always go back in the box after use.


Getting Things Done

Sort It Out

Garages are eclectic places and sorting through the things you keep will prove to be tedious. Unfortunately, because storage areas typically contain a good mixture of clutter and things of use. Segregate the thing’s you’ll be keeping from those you’ll be taking to the dump/second hand store. Our post on clutter removal might help if you’re looking for further reading on this topic.

For those of you who plan on using a mover, know that certain garage items are forbidden for transportation for safety reasons. Things such as propane, paint thinner, heavy duty cleaning supplies, and car batteries could be denied.

Packing Hand Tools

Cardboard boxes that are small/medium size are great for the smaller items of this category. Things like hand trowels, clippers, hand saws, and cultivators fit nicely into smaller boxes as their combined weight does not create a dangerous load. If you have any larger tools that won’t fit your toolbox place them there, labelling which boxes house combinations of garden tools and large hand tools.

When it comes to your larger garden maintenance tools use packing blankets to wrap them in manageable bundles. Use old rags to keep the sharp edges of the bundle from protruding outwards.

Get Out Your Allen Keys

If you have a bike and are short on truck space you might have to take the tires off your bike. Most frames these days have quick releases built into the axles to allow for an easier process. If you’re able to make the handlebars flush with the frame, then you should be fine with just the front tire off. However, if you plan on taking the back tire off you’ll have to take apart the back brake.

Motorized Toys?

Remember to drain the fuel from any ATV or motorcycle you have stored away. Inventory the parts that were removed to make space. And check out our Tough Tows article for more details on how to move with small vehicles.




Still Need Help?

Not Enough Space?

Consider renting a storage locker until you can find a place for everything that just doesn’t fit. This is a great option for those who have more home-space but less room in their crawlspace/garage. It can also be a place to keep your extra stuff from cluttering the hallways while you unpack.

Hire a Mover

If you’re short on helping hands or short on time, let the professionals at Hendra Moving & Storage make your job easier. Request an estimate today to get the job done right.