Congratulations on your new home! Moving during any time of the year always has its perks, but we’ll talk about how to make moving in the fall easier.

A few things to remember, like with any move you need to have the basics covered like what we’ve covered in our previous blogs. Take a quick read on this blog on how to stay organized during a move.

Pack and Unpack for the Season

Since you’re packing for a move, think about what you’d need when you’re settling in during the fall months. Things like thicker clothing, longer pants, sweaters, and the like should be on the top of the list. This helps you unpack the items you need faster and store summer and lighter clothing you don’t need easier. 

But what about appliances you packed a while ago that you’re thinking of using in your new home? Pack them in a way where it’s easy for you to unpack when you move in. It also allows your movers, such as Hendra, to organize how we unload and load your items onto the truck. This makes for an efficient, stress-free move! 

Moving in the Fall

Consider Storage for Seasonal Items

Now that summer’s ending, consider using a storage service to safely keep seasonal items like outdoor furniture, garden tools, and barbecues until next season. By putting items like these in storage first before moving, this helps clear up some space in your moving trucks and your home.

This is also another opportunity to declutter from the summer and get other seasonal items packed up. Like our point above, get some of those seasonal items out of the way during the move by storing them. Another alternative is to donate or sell of these items, which leads to have less items to think about!

Dressing Appropriately During the Move

The weather in Victoria is ever-changing and it can sometimes get unpredictable. Typically, the uniform for moving day are tees and shorts with running shoes. While still appropriate for moving at any time of the year, moving in the fall might be time for a more versatile outfit. 

During the fall, it tends to get cold during the day, then hot shortly after. It might rain, and now you’re cold, wet, and in a grumpy mood, which makes the move less exciting. A quick and easy fix for your outfit to help with weather changes is to layer your clothing. 

Wear a light sweater or a comfortable tee, then add a rain jacket to take on or off. Longer pants like sweatpants or leggings can help keep the bottom half warm, but the most important item of clothing to think about are your shoes. Make sure the shoes you’re wearing has good traction, comfortable, and lightweight. You wouldn’t want to move wearing work boots or dress shoes! 

Clearing the Pathways

Fall is a beautiful season in any location you move to, the leaves turning colours and falling everywhere, a sunny but brisk fall day. Some days there can be a light drizzle, signalling the change in seasons for the year. Which means there’s going to be dirt, mud, and leaves everywhere.

A simple way to make the move easier, and much safer, is to clear up the path that everyone will be walking along. Whether it’s the driveway, front lawn, or side door, make sure that these areas are obstruction-free to help everyone involved in the move.

Also consider laying plastic down on your old and new homes. This will help protect the floor from any dirt, rain, or damages. To make things efficient, lay down the plastic protection a day before the move to help us keep everything safe and clean! Consider clear plastic floor liner to protect high-traffic areas during the move.

Setting up your Utilities Before the Move

Now that you’re prepared for moving day, get prepared for the post-move too. There’s nothing worse than moving during a chilly and wet day and there’s no hot water or electricity to make the move more cozier. This can also affect unpacking for the day if there’s no electricity for light or heat. Sometimes it can take a couple days for utilities companies to get everything set up, so ensure that this is ready for your new home a day or two prior you move!

Moving in the fall can be fun, but oftentimes stressful for some. We at Hendra operate all year-round and we make sure that our customers feel at home at day one with every move that we do.