Moving during any time of the year always has its perks but moving in the fall has a few more advantages over other seasons.

The Weather is Milder

We had a very hot summer this year and moving was tough in the heat. Now we are enjoying cooler temperatures before (hopefully) the winter rain starts.

More Truck Rentals are Available

Spring and summer tend to be busier than the fall. Still, there are plenty of people moving here, so don’t neglect to book your truck early.

Easier Transition for Kids

A new start in a new school is easier with all the other kids coming into a new classroom at the start of the school year.

Get Settled Before the Holidays

Moving into your new home well before the Christmas season makes it easier to plan for the chaos of the season, and gives you added incentive to get your new home unpacked and in order.

Pack and Unpack for the Season

As with any move you need to plan appropriately and make sure you have the basics covered. Take a quick read through our pointers on moving in the fall.

Since you’re packing for a move, think about what you are going to need when you’re settling in during the fall months. Things like thicker clothing, longer pants, sweaters, and the like should be on the top of the list for unpacking first. Same for those appliances you are going to need in your new home. Pack them in a way that will make it easier to unpack.

Let your movers know how you’ve packed the boxes so we can help organize the best way to load and unload them from the truck. Such planning contributes to an efficient, stress-free move.

Consider Storage for Seasonal Items

Now that summer’s ending, consider using a storage service to safely keep seasonal items like outdoor furniture, garden tools, and barbecues until next season. Putting items like these in storage first before moving helps clear up some space in your moving trucks and declutter your home.

Consider holding an end-of-summer garage sale or donate items you no longer love or use. The best packing is always the packing you never had to do!

Dressing Appropriately During the Move

The weather in Victoria is ever-changing and unpredictable. During the fall, it tends to get cold during the day, then hot shortly after. It could rain even if it wasn’t in the forecast leaving you wet and grumpy, which will definitely make your move less exciting. A quick and easy fix for your outfit to help with weather changes is to layer your clothing.

Wear a light sweater or a comfortable tee, then add a rain jacket to take on or off. Longer pants like sweatpants or leggings help keep you warm and protect from scratches. Pay attention to your shoes! They need to have good traction, be comfortable, and lightweight.

Setting up your Utilities Before the Move

Now that you’re prepared for moving day, get prepared for the post-move too. There’s nothing worse than moving during a chilly and wet day and there’s no hot water or electricity. This can also affect unpacking for the day if there’s no electricity for light or heat. Sometimes it can take a couple days for utilities companies to get everything set up, so ensure that this is ready for your new home a day or two prior you move!


Moving in the Fall is Enjoyable

Fall is certainly our favourite time of year for moving. We know good planning taking the season into account will help insure a less stressful move for you.

Give Hendra a call or provide your move information through our Request and Estimate form. Whether you are travelling across the country, or you need your apartment, or even a single couch, moved across town, we’ve got you covered. We’ve performed thousands of moves in the fall, and we can help you prepare. Our staff at Hendra work hard to make sure that our customers feel at home in their new home from day one.