Another helpful moving guide here from Hendra Moving. This time we’re setting our sights on the things that are simply too big to move with a segment we’re calling Tough Tows. Today we’re facing up against one of the formidable foes of moving trucks: small vehicles. When it comes to moving your motorized toys over large distances, working with the right moving company can ensure that your goods get from A to B safely. Guaranteeing safe and secure transport of your garage gremlins (be it dirt-bike or road hog) comes with a laundry list of safety measures, so having a thoroughly thought-out checklist is essential.

Trailer or Truck?

Tough Tows - Motorcycles and ATV's

For your transportation needs, you’ve got two options. Hauling a trailer behind your personal vehicle can be an added cost to your moving expenses, but it might be necessary if your moving truck is already full.

Regardless of your decision, remember to drain the fuel and all other fluids from the bike to reduce the risk of fire hazards. Let the movers do most of the work when loading the vehicle. Getting up the ramp can be more difficult than you’ll anticipate and they’ll likely know the best manner to get it in. If using a trailer, it’s important that the ramp you’re using has the appropriate ground clearance. Find this measurement at the lowest point of the motorcycle, halfway between the front and rear wheels.

Also consider getting some ratchet straps. This strap compresses the bike’s suspension much more effectively than the pull strap type. You can find these at your local hardware store,  though, if using a moving company it’s likely they’ll already have the proper tools to secure your things so worry not.

Finally, remove the mirrors and saddlebags. Minimize the risk of damage to the bike should anything bump it during the transportation. Discuss with your movers whether or not you want them to do the work of assembling and disassembling your goods.

Shipping your ATV

The options here are similar to that of the motorcycle. And because you’re more likely to put the four-wheeler in trailer due to size constraints, know that you can also hire shipping services. It’s similar to transporting a car in that it requires much more planning with regards to insurance, references, and tracking capabilities.

Moving to Victoria?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to ride your motorcycle. While it’s not an ideal source of transportation all year round, you can be sure to get more than half a year’s enjoyment out of our moderate climate. With comparatively low traffic density and scenic, winding roads close to the city, it’s a great place to take your motorbike.

If you’re headed here from the states, be sure to check out Transport Canada’s regulations on importing vehicles. Generally speaking, all motorized vehicles will have a tariff imposed on them upon entry into the country. Your vehicle must pass an inspection by the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) in Canada before it can be officially imported.

Note that not all motorcycles can be granted entry into Canada. For example, motorcycles that have been converted to a motor tricycle (“trike”) will have you sitting at the border with nothing but a headache.

Tough Tows - Motorcycles and ATV's

Make sure to document all your belongings by inventorying your items. Things like serial numbers and accessories (side bags, helmets) are easy enough to get lost in the hubbub when headed over large distances.

Hendra Moving is an Allied Van agent, which gives us greater range to get you to your destination, no matter where that is. Our professionals can provide you with the services necessary to keep your luggage safe. Request an estimate today to get a jump on your big move.

Make sure you’re familiar with BC Ferries’ pricing regulations. The trip will cost you extra if your total length exceeds  20 feet and your moving truck might be priced per foot if it is deemed commercial. Consider making a reservation if you know you won’t be getting to the terminal until late in the day, and check their website regularly to ensure that you won’t be held up for hours on end.

Keep up with our Victoria Living Guide to find out the best places to take your motorized toys once you get here. With plenty of wilderness on the island you’ll be sure to find satisfying locales that you can visit this summer.