Trying to relocate the office can be a huge task! Whether you are moving into a bigger space because your company is expanding or you are cutting back on size, there is quite a lot to do when moving offices. Usually, unless you can time off from the business to make the move, it needs to be done quickly. Follow the tips below to make sure you can make the move as quickly as possible, so you can have operations up and running again by Monday morning!

Start Planning Early:

A large office move requires prior planning. If you attempt to make the move the day of with no prior planning you are going to have a bad time! Start deciding what time the moving will take place and who will be assisting with what well in advance. Try to assign one person to be in charge of the move so that people know who to ask when a problem arises.

Have the Employees Pack Up Their Own Desks:

Try to make the move a little easier on yourself by asking your employees to clean out their own desks. Give them the time and date that it needs to be done so you can ensure they will be all packed and ready for the move in time. This creates less work for you but it also ensures that the employees personal belongings won’s get lost or misplaced while the rest of the office equipment is being moved to the new space.

How To Relocate The Office Stress-Free

Check Your Building Relocation Rules:

It’s always a good idea to check into the rules of both the new and old office in regards to relocation. Some offices only allow moves after hours or possibly even on weekends. Compare the rules of each office to make sure you are able to move your stuff straight from one to the other. If not, you will want to have temporary storage in place for the time in between.

Alert the IT Department:

An office has alot of technology that will need to be unconnected and then reconnected at the new office. It is important to give the IT department a heads up that they will need to do this. Have them plan who is going to be doing what so the change over happens as smoothly as possible.

Map Out The New Space:

Before moving day comes you should have a plan in place on what is going where. In order to avoid having to arrange and rearrange furniture several times make sure you have the space mapped out in advance. Take measurements and double check that everything will fit where you planned for it to go. This will allow you to do things right the first time so you don’t have to work harder than is necessary.

Change Your Addresses Over:

Alert everyone about the office change and your new address well in advance. This includes utility companies, phone and internet providers, forwarding address for your landlord, and any clients you may have that come into the office.

Request An Estimate From Your Moving Company:

Get an estimate from your chosen moving company in regards to how much it will cost to relocate the office well in advance. This will allow you to ensure that the move can be done within your budget.

Depending on how big your office is, it might be hard for your chosen moving company to assemble the trucks and team necessary to successfully perform your move at the last minute. It is a good idea to book well in advance, so you can rest assured that you will have the manpower available the day of your move.

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