Here in Victoria, we are pretty lucky temperature wise. However, that doesn’t mean it will never get really hot here, and it certainly doesn’t mean that hot day won’t happen on the day you’ve decided to move.

While moving in the summer is nice because you won’t have to deal with cold rain or snow, moving when it’s hot outside does pose some unique risks. So to help you stay safe while you move into your new home, here are a few tips on moving when it’s hot outside.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

When you wake up the morning of your move and are getting dressed, choose loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing. Something that is made from cotton or linen would be ideal because they are both breathable fabrics, which means they allow air through them and that movement can cool you off.

Start Early and Go Slow

If you are moving yourself, you can easily avoid working in the heat of the day by packing the items onto the truck the night before, or by getting an early start the day you are moving. Or, if you are hiring someone to move you, try to book the truck for the morning, so the heavy lifting can be done before it gets super-hot.

And if you weren’t able to avoid working while it’s hot out, take it slow. Take breaks and have a drink while you sit in the shade or in front of a fan. It might take you more time, but the extra time is worth it to make sure you don’t overheat.

Stay Hydrated and Cool

If you are worried that you might be overheating, then it’s time to take a break. Head inside where there is air conditioning or fans. If the cool air doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, wipe yourself down with a cold cloth. Since your fridge will likely be unplugged, fill a cooler with some ice and store your cloths in there.

The cooler will also help you stay hydrated because you can store all of your drinks in it. You’ll want to focus on drinking lots of water or something with electrolytes in it like sports drinks. While it might be tempting to sip a cold beer while you are loading the truck, the alcohol in it can interfere with your body’s ability to cool off. So save that beer or glass of wine until you are sitting on the porch of your new home where you can congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Know the Signs of Heat Disorders

Finally, know the signs of heat disorders. For example, if you are sweating more than normal and are feeling dizzy or nauseous you might have heat stress. If you don’t stop and cool off you might get to the point where your muscles are cramping, you feel weak or faint, and you have a headache then you might have heat exhaustion which is the precursor for heatstroke.

Some of the signs of heatstroke are that you stop sweating, your skin becomes hot, dry and flushed, and you get agitated, confused and less aware of what is happening around you. Other symptoms of heatstroke are seizures and cardiac arrest. While you can treat heat stress and exhaustion by rehydrating and resting, if your condition has progressed to heat stroke, it’s time to call for an ambulance.

While suffering from a heat disorder can sound frightening, and it is definitely not something you want to add on top of the stress of moving, they are pretty easy to avoid. However, if you are concerned about it being too hot for you to move safely, you can always request an estimate today and let us move you.