After your new home is semi-livable—I mean, there might still be unpacked boxes hanging out indefinitely in your garage, but your kitchen is functional, there are places for guests to sit, and the grass no longer looks like a hay field—it’s time to invite people over to celebrate your accomplishment and christen the new home. And since the weather outside is fantastic, what better way to do this than with a barbeque.

Make a Plan

Friends enjoying a housewarming BBQ.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is come up with a plan. This is the first party you will have in your new home, so think about how you want people to remember it. Will it be casual? Or more formal? Do you want to have some lawn games to play? Or would you rather sit with some beers around a fire pit?

Once you have some idea of what you want it to look like, send out your invitations. Who you invite is up to you, but on top of friends, family, and co-workers, this might be a nice time to meet your neighbours. Don’t forget to attach an RSVP to your invites so you can have an idea how many people to prepare for.

While planning a party can be exciting, unless you are a Pinterest Person you don’t need to do everything. You don’t have to have games prepared or party favours to hand out unless those are things you really want to do. This BBQ is something you want to enjoy, so don’t make it into a chore.

Prepare Your Home

While your friends and family probably do enjoy spending time just hanging out with you, since this is a housewarming barbeque, there’s a good chance that they want to see your house too. So, no room should be off limits during this party or tour, which means you’re going to want to make sure it’s clean. And be thankful you did get rid of some items before you moved, so there are fewer items to clutter it up.

Don’t forget to stock your bathrooms with hand towels, soap, and extra toilet paper to save your guests from embarrassment.

Take a bit of time to set up the food platters and fruit punch bowls on the patio table. Just make sure to cover them until the guests start to arrive so no flies or ants sample the food before your friends do.

Enjoy Yourself

Evening housewarming BBQ.

Then turn on some quiet music and relax until your guests arrive. You can even ask a few of them to come early to help you set up or serve the drinks during your party so that you can enjoy yourself too.

At some point in time during your party, you’re going to want to give a tour of your new home. Whether you do one grand tour or more personalized tours as your guests arrive is up to you.

If you planned some games for the guests to play, make sure you participate in at least a few of them.

Then, once the final guests have left don’t forget to send them thank-you notes, even if it’s a quick social media shout out on your event page.