Moving typically isn’t the most eco-friendly process. Most packaging materials are used once and discarded, many miles are driven, and unwanted items are thoughtlessly discarded, making ec0-friendly moving difficult! You can make your move a greener process, however, by following the steps below. 

Get Boxes Second-Hand

Instead of buying new boxes each time you have to move, consider getting them secondhand. Reusing boxes is a great way to save some money as well as reduce your footprint. Getting secondhand boxes is relatively simple. If you know you are moving soon, start to stock up your boxes over time. If you need more boxes than you can save yourself, you can always reach out to your Facebook friends, or ask local businesses for their boxes. Usually, they get rid of them anyways!

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 Pack Using Containers You Already Own

If you need more boxes than you can collect secondhand, you can always take advantage of any containers you already own. There is a ton of household items you can use. Suitcases or your dresser drawers are a great place to store clothes. You can use plastic bins to store books, or your laundry bins to store your items. If you have reusable grocery bag totes, you can use them to store things as well. Even your garbage can makes an excellent storage option. With enough creativity, you can get by without using boxes altogether!

Get Creative with Packing Materials

Eco-friendly moving starts with creativity! Bubble-wrap and packing peanuts may not be necessary with a little bit of thought. Many household items can act as packaging materials. Linens and towels are perfect for packaging, and using them also helps save space. You can also use your clothes to wrap any delicate items. If you still have them, a newspaper can make excellent packaging material as well!

  Donate Unneeded Items

Instead of throwing out your unneeded items, consider donating them to a thrift store. Any old books, clothes, or other items you no longer want may still be usable. Instead of sending them to the landfill, help prolong their use by donating them. If you have a sizeable donation to make, you can reach out to your local thrift store. They may be willing to pick it up for you, saving you from even having to make the trip there. 

Try To Make As Few Trips As Possible

A great way to reduce your footprint is to make as few trips as you possibly can. Before your move, see if you can reduce the number of belongings you are bringing with you. Donate lightly used items to the thrift store, and recycle anything you can. After you have limited the things you are moving with, try to conserve as much space as possible. Some of the tips above, such as using containers you already own and using household items for packaging materials, can help you conserve space. Try to get a moving van that is large enough only to need one trip. You can also hire a moving company who will likely complete the move in one trip for you!

Make Lifestyle Changes in Your New Home

Eco-friendly moving doesn’t stop at your new front door! When you get to the new place, conside recycling all your packaging materials. Offer your moving boxes to someone else, as well as any packaging materials you may be finished using.

List them on a local buy and sell Facebook groups, and you will easily find someone who is in need. If you have enough storage space, you can also tuck your moving supplies away, ready for your next move!

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