As our hobbies and interests live and die throughout the years, so does the stuff that comes with it. Let’s face it, we all have too many books we’ll never read again, and we’ve all got trophies and medals sitting in a shoebox somewhere. It’s when these things lose all utility that they transforms into the corner-collecting monster known as clutter.

For all the [warranted] negativity people experience when it comes to moving, few take advantage of this moment as an opportunity for reflection. You’ve likely gathered up an itinerary of items no longer necessary in your life. During your next move, consider these tips when it comes to cleaning out your closet.


Start With the Junk and Start Early

Starting early is key, especially if any of this stuff is going to the dump. The valueless nature of junk makes it easy ephemera to part with. If finished in a timely fashion, this process can provide catharsis. Don’t be shy when casting thy judgement upon boxes of clutter.

If you’re looking to save money consider taking items to organizations or businesses that will take your unwanted goods. Make sure you consult their guidelines for acceptable drop-offs before hauling your things there. In Victoria, downtown’s own Value Village has a wide range of acceptable items.

Some Junk-able Items:
  • Outdated Appliances
  • Sports and Hobby gear you’ll not use again
  • Connective Electronics (i.e. old routers, cords, and storage)
  • Tattered Shoes
  • Mugs
  • Magazines
  • Old Textbooks


Be Critical of Clothing

When going through your wardrobe, separate out the clothes you never wear. Eventually you’ll get down to a handful of jackets, tee-shirts, pants and sweaters. If you’re not keen to do away with this pile of leftovers, categorize them into situations where they’d be worn in (i.e: casual wear, formal wear, active wear, clothing to get dirty in, cold weather clothing, warm weather clothing, etc…). Then simply get rid of the duplicates.

Take a utilitarian mindset to your outfits. Ask yourself questions like: do I need five pairs of running shorts? How many winter jackets is too many? And most importantly, do I still wear this?


Where to take it?

Most, if not all clothing is accepted at second hand and thrift organizations. If you’re looking to make a little money while you’re at it, I suggest taking your unwanted clothing items to the local vintage clothing outlet. It’s hit or miss on the frequency that these kinds of places will take your things, so don’t expect to make much off, but if you have the time it can be worth your interest.

In Victoria, businesses like Flavour Upstairs and Vintage Funk might be able to take your unwanted clothing off your hands. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some great new outfits while you’re there.


Sales and Storage

Spending months to get the optimal price on your valuables might net a higher price tag, but if it just adds more stress to the move, then consider taking a loss. It’s also possible that you might be better equipped to put the time and effort into getting the full value.

When it comes to pricing hot items like televisions or sound systems, consult online marketplaces such as Craigslist to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Make sure that the photographs of the product fully displays its qualities.

Storage is a great alternative for those looking to keep the things they don’t have space for. If your up and coming home lacks adequate room for things you’d otherwise sell instead of keep, consider renting a storage locker so you can keep it and sell it at a better time, and know that your belongings are safely out of sight and mind.


Cluttered Move, Cluttered Mind

Speaking from experience, purging your things at transitional points in your life can provide catharsis. Moving itself is a process of new beginnings and for me, deciding on which things are important and unimportant is integral to the quality of that new beginning. It’s during this transitional period that I release the clutter back into the world.

It’s important to remain vigilant in your utilitarian mindset when getting rid of clutter. Though, remember that if you’re ever unsure, professional storage institutions like Hendra’s own can provide expertise and solutions for when you’re simply trying to make space.