We’re well-known as a full-service moving and storage company in Victoria, however, there are a variety of related additional services our customers are sometimes surprised to learn about.

Packing and Unpacking

That’s right. You DON’T have to pack up your belongings! Hire us to pack for you so you can save time, stress, and energy. We’re professional packers with the right tools and materials to make sure your belongings are packed correctly and safely, and we’ll even help you organize and label your items for easy unpacking.

Loading and Unloading

Probably goes without saying, but when you rent a truck from us, you get our team of movers. We put our back into it so you can save yours.

Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

We can help you to take apart big, challenging furniture and equipment, such as pool tables, then put it back together for you in your new home.

Storage Solutions

We store the belongings of hundreds of households in our 40,000+ square foot, temperature controlled central storage facility. It is climate controlled and secure with 24/7 video monitoring. We also store a wide variety of items for many different reasons.

Temporary Storage During Flood Remediation

If you face the unfortunate flood from inclement weather or bad plumbing, we can take in your belongings while your home undergoes flood remediation.

Business Storage

We’ve stored office furniture for the BC government, consumer goods for big box stores, printed product for magazine companies, construction equipment for renovation companies… You name it, we’ve probably stored it. We’ve even stored baked goods from overnight delivery until the stores open the next morning.

Relocation Storage

Sometimes people find they have valuable belongings they can’t take with them but don’t want to part with. Or you are relocating a business and have excess inventory. We can store it for any amount of time you need.

If you need some of our additional services – or our normal ones – get in touch with us for a quote. We can help.