There are really only three ways to move your belongings to your new home: One, you can rent a truck and do it yourself, two, you can bribe friends and family into supplying their vehicles and bodies, or three, you can hire a local moving company.

Doing all the moving yourself is going to be exhausting work. When asked to help move your entire house, you might find even your closest friends become a little less reliable or suddenly discover they have conflicting schedules. Consider saving yourself unnecessary stress and pain, and your relationships with friends and family.
Here are seven good reasons to consider budgeting to hire a local mover instead:

1. Reduce Stress and Stay on Schedule:

Your local moving company will have plenty of experience calculating how many belongings you have and how long it will take to move them. When you request an estimate with Hendra, we send out a highly experienced estimator to assess everything: What requires greater care in moving, such as pianos and heirlooms, whether there are stairs or difficult entries and exits, obstructions, potential delays, and so on. They review every aspect of the move with you to ensure it will be successful. We have plans and processes in place to make your move as simple as possible. Save yourself the stress of unexpected difficulties and unplanned delays. Let your local moving company handle it.

2. Your Family and Friends will Thank You:

No matter how good your relationships are, the truth of the matter is, they really aren’t excited about helping you pack up a ton of boxes and move. When we were younger, pizza and beer will might have persuaded you and your friends or church members the first few times but loading and unloading boxes and belongings all day is hard work that always takes longer than you think. Save the strain on your back and on your friendships. Hire professional movers.

3. Vehicle Space:

Instead of trying to fit all your belongings into your own vehicle and/or into a rented truck, only to find you’ve underestimated how much space your belongings are going to need, when you hire local movers like us, it becomes our responsibility.

We estimate required volumes every day, and we know most people find it difficult to calculate. Almost everyone will underestimate the volume their belongings take up, especially their first time, and especially if they haven’t started boxing things up yet. Avoid this problem. Hire local movers to do it for you. We have experience knowing exactly how much room is needed, and you won’t have to face making multiple trips because you miscalculated.

4. Experience:

Our movers handle household items every single day, and they have worked out the geometry of navigating long couches through narrow doorways and we know how to keep your fragile treasures safe in transit. Moving your belongings yourself or with friends or family can easily lead to damaged furniture and dented entryways. Don’t put your belongings at risk to save a few dollars. Leave the heavy lifting for the professionals.

5. Driving Large Vehicles:

When last did you drive a big one-ton or five-ton cube truck? The statistics of accidents with rented trucks is higher than you might think, especially collisions from overhead obstructions like decks, poles, and trees. You’ll find it less stressful to get your local movers on the job instead of driving a cube truck yourself, especially if the moving truck must drive through high traffic areas. It’s downright frightening to drive a bigger vehicle than you are comfortable with. On a day that is already going to be stressful enough, leave the driving to those who have the experience.

6. Insurance:

Keep in mind that if an accident of any kind happens, local movers like us are insured, so your personal belongings are covered even in worst-case scenarios. When you rent a cube truck, you of course have the option to take insurance (which you really must), but you still may be on the hook for any damages to their truck.
Another situation we see are shifting loads. Local movers like us know how to properly distribute weight, properly insulate, and stack items together in the safest way. Inexperienced packers often miscalculate how movement will affect the load, and things fall over or shift while in transit, crushing or breaking belongings.

7. A More Enjoyable Move:

We guarantee this: After the first time you hire a local moving company to take care of moving your belongings, you’ll never go back to doing it yourself. It really is worth the money. You arrive at your new home to see all your carefully packed boxes and belongings set down and organized in the proper room and you have the energy to dive right into unpacking and setting up your home instead of collapsing exhausted on the first available sleeping surface. It really does make moving SO much easier.

Moving is a lot of work. You already must pack boxes and clean the home you are leaving and possibly the home you are moving into. Rather than risking personal injury, damage, and stress, make your move easier on yourself and leave it to the professional local movers.