Sometimes when you move to a new place you want to leave your old home buried deep in your memories and never look back. Other times that place you leave will forever hold a special place in your heart. And, even though you will no longer be living there, you wish you could carry a small part of it with you. If the home you are currently moving out of falls into the latter category, here are 4 ways for you to remember your old home.

Create a Shadow Box

One way for you to remember your old home is to create a shadow box. There are tons of ideas up on Pinterest about what this box could include. Some ideas for things to put in it are:

  • Your old house key
  • A photograph or picture of your old home
  • Your old address
  • It’s geographic coordinates
  • A map
  • Paint swatches of the colour scheme
  • Dried leaves and flowers from the garden

The possibilities of what you could include are endless. It all depends on what part of your old home was most important to you and what you are hoping to remember.

4 Ways to Remember Your Old Home

Create a Home Video

When you were selling your house or looking at a new home to buy, you probably encountered some properties that had virtual tours. Take that idea and create a special tour of your old place that you can watch whenever you miss it. Although, this version should be slightly different from the sales pitch. As you are filming your home talk about the different memories you shared there.

Take Part of It with You

Another thing you could do is just take part of it with you.

Did you measure your children’s heights along one doorframe? You can replace the doorframe and bring the old one to your new home. It will take a bit of effort, but if that memory is too precious to leave behind than it is definitely worth the effort.

Perhaps there is something else you could bring with you. Maybe you really enjoyed curling up in front of the emerald green fireplace, like the doorframe, you can replace the fireplace and recreate it in your new home.

Or maybe you loved watching your children climb the tree in the backyard. You could cut off some branches and turn them into candle holders, a garment rack, or some unique wall décor.

4 Ways to Remember Your Old Home

Shrink It and Bring It Along

Finally, you can also make a miniature version of it. You can make your own with some foam core, balsa wood, hot glue, and paint. Or, if you aren’t feeling particularly crafty you can get a 3D copy of your home printed. Just snap a few pictures of the exterior and bring them somewhere with a 3D printer.

While it can be hard to say goodbye to your old home and the memories it holds, hopefully, some of these suggestions will help you find a way that you can preserve them so you can look back and treasure the time you spent in that place long after you’ve moved out. And, as you move to your next home, let us help you bring your belongings and your memories there so that you start out on a good note.