If you have read our previous blog (How to increase the value of your home) you already know how important it is to increase your home’s curb appeal. First impressions are hard to shake! If a potential buyer pulls up and isn’t impressed, they may decide right then and there not to purchase the home. Likewise, they may decide to give you a low ball offer. Upping your curb appeal is one of the most cost-efficient ways to increase the value of your home. Below are some ideas on how to do it.

1. Act Like A Buyer:

Next time you drive up to your home, pretend you are a buyer coming to see the home for the first time. What stands out to you? Whether it be chipped paint, missing shingles, or an untidy lawn, fixing the things that stick out should be the first priority.

2. Statement Doors:

Having a neutral paint job on the house with a bright and bold door can really make a statement. Getting a good quality door should be a priority to consider and can make all the difference in having a memorable exterior. Can’t justify getting an entire new door? Even just a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference.

10 Ways to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

3. Keep it Clean:

Whenever you have a showing, ensure that the front of the house is clean. Get a pressure washer (you can rent these for the day) to wash the siding if it is getting grubby, throw out any unwanted clutter, and ensure your lawn is freshly manicured.

4. Landscaping:

If you have a rather plain front lawn, hiring a landscaper can be a very cost-effective way to up your curb appeal, and, therefore, the value of your home. Even just adding in a well-designed flower bed with an array of colorful flowers can make the house look more appealing.

5. Pay attention to the roof:

While the roof is something you may forget about as a homeowner, it is definitely one of the things a prospective owner will notice when they drive up. Are you missing a few shingles or are they looking dirty? Give the roof a good cleaning and replace any missing shingles to give the best first impression possible.

6. Open up Your Blinds:

Open up all blinds and curtains before a showing. This serves a double purpose. Not only does the house look more inviting with the blinds open, which will increase the home’s curb appeal, but the house will be brighter on the inside as well. Well-lit homes tend to sell faster, make this a valuable tip that costs absolutely nothing! Just make sure to wash the windows and ensure they are streak-free before each viewing.

7. Design a Clear Path to the Door:

Having a well-defined path to the front door can make the home look more inviting. You can design this with stone or brick for a more upscale look, or stick with concrete and line either side with flower beds. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is clean before each viewing!

8. Swap out your Mailbox:

Swapping out an outdated mailbox can make a small, yet noticeable difference in your home’s curb appeal. Choosing a stylish mailbox can make your home look more modern and inviting. The best part is, this is a super easy project to take on, that will only cost you about $100.

9. Purchase a Cheerful Doormat:

One way to make people feel welcome; purchase a doormat that says just that!

10 Ways to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

10. Install New House Numbers:

If you have old and grungy house numbers, upgrading can be a cost-effective way to spruce up your home. Keep in mind that people will be looking for the address when they show up for your viewing so will definitely notice if the numbers are dated. Cheaper options are to purchase the numbers individually, or you can splurge and purchase a custom plaque.

While this list is a good start there is no limit to the things you can do with a little bit of imagination. Remember, that it’s the little things you may overlook that can increase your home’s curb appeal and make the biggest difference to a potential buyer.