A few years ago, you decided to start living a healthier lifestyle, which is why you now have a home gym. But now that you’re moving, all of those large pieces of equipment just feel like a big problem. How on earth are you going to bring them to your new house?

Moving Your Home Gym in 4 Easy Steps

Kettlebell and running shoesNot to worry, moving them doesn’t have to be a huge headache. Some of the items, like stationary bikes and treadmills, won’t even need to be taken apart. All you need to do is follow these four basic steps:

  1. Secure all the moving parts with bungee cords, packing tape, or zip ties. The main thing is you don’t want anything spinning around and hitting someone or something.
  2. Wrap the machine up with some blankets or towels to protect it.
  3. Slip felt gliders or pieces of cardboard underneath the equipment to protect your floors as you’re sliding it around.
  4. Be safe. Take your time. If you need to pick it up, lift with your legs and not your back, and use two or three people.

And there you have it, the easy way to move parts of your home gym.

Moving the Weightlifting Machine

Stationary bike While stationary bikes are pretty easy to move while in one piece, weight machines and elliptical machines are easier to transport in pieces. So there are a few extra steps to make your life easier on the other end of the move when you’re ready to get back into your normal routine.

  1. Before you take it apart, take lots of pictures from different angles so you can see where all of the cords go. Do this even if you have the instructions, because, let’s face it, instruction manuals aren’t always easy to follow.
  2. Remove the Attachments. It’s not necessary for you to remove everything, just take off enough parts so it is light enough for you to move and small enough to fit through the smallest door. Don’t forget to place all of the hardware into a sealable bag as you are disassembling the machine so you don’t lose anything.
  3. Remove the weight stacks. When you’re doing this part there are a few things you’ll want to remember. First, the weights are quite heavy so you may need a second person to stabilize the stack as you’re pulling the weights off. Second, take the weights off of the weight rods, because those rods can bend. Finally, you want to wrap the weights up so they don’t get scratched. Once the weights are off and the machine will fit through the doors, follow steps 1-4 from above.

When you’re in your new place, you can pull out the picture to help you set up your home gym.

While you can do this all yourself, if you would like to save yourself some heavy lifting contact us today for an estimate and see how we can help you.