Victoria is an amazing city! We basically have it all. Victoria has mild winters, reasonable cost of living, a location only a few hour drive to the mountains but yet still right beside the ocean. There really are not a lot of places that can compare! One of the very unique options that we have here in Victoria is the option to move into (onto?) a houseboat on the ocean. While there is no denying that the views afforded to those living in houseboats are unparalleled, it is important to keep in mind that moving into a houseboat has its unique set of challenges. Read on to find out the pros and cons of moving into a houseboat.

Pro: Beautiful Scenery:

Our first pro, obviously the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. You have the ability to spend your home life in a beautiful area that many people could only dream of enjoying. Could you imagine having the option to go out on your deck and see the sun setting over the ocean while watching the marine wildlife play in the waves? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Con: Sea-Sickness:

Are you prone to getting seasick? If so, it might be best to forgo living on a houseboat. Houseboats, as the name suggests, are in the water, and therefore are at the mercy of the waves. Even if you are in a sheltered marina there will still be small waves that cause your home to rock back and forth. This is definitely a point to consider before you dedicate to living full-time on the water.

Pro: No Yard Work:

Giving up your traditional home with lawns and driveways will save you from a lot of outdoor maintenance. Mowing the lawn and shoveling snow from driveways is a thing of the past for houseboat owners. Imagine the amount of time you will save on gardening and upkeep if you no longer have a yard to worry about.

Con: Where Do You Park?

On the topic of giving up your driveway: where do you park? While you may find a parking spot nearby, keep in mind that any groceries you purchase will need to be carried down the dock and onto your houseboat, making grocery shopping a little less pleasant than before.

Pro: You’re Right Next to All the Water Activities:

Do you enjoy tubing, water skiing, whale watching, and more? You are right next to all these options when living in a houseboat. Additionally, depending on your marina, you may have the option to get tasty seafood only a few feet away from your front door. (I’m looking at you, Fisherman’s Wharf)

Con: Costs Can be Higher Than Expected:

There are a lot of costs associated with boat living that you should research before you decide to take the leap. Before purchasing your houseboat it will need a pre-inspection of the hull by a certified inspector/diver. Additionally, insurance rates for your boat home will be higher than traditional homes due to added risks.  If you decide to get mortgage, interest rates will be higher as well. Keep in mind, you will also have to pay a docking and maintenance fee to the marina you decide to dock at.

Pro: Bragging Rights:

Sorry, but I had to add this one! Living on a houseboat is super cool, and everyone you tell is going to have a million questions for you!

Con: You Must Be Especially Careful With Children:

This one is a huge consideration if you have young children. Living on a houseboat, right on the ocean, is going to require constant supervision of your young children. Everyone loses sight of their children once in a while, but this can lead to a lot of panicked moments when you are living so close to a large body of water. If you have children or plan on having them in the near future, this is a huge factor to consider.


There are a ton of both pros and cons to living on a houseboat. While there is no denying that living on a houseboat gives you opportunities that you would never get on land, there are also a lot of things to consider before heading out to sea. Make sure you do your research and talk to someone who is already living the marina life before making your final decision and moving into a houseboat.