In the past decade, I have moved nine times. Some of them have been short moves across town or down the road, others have been from one city to another, and even once from one province to another. One of the things that makes me nervous each time is meeting the neighbours and making new friends in my new town or community.

I consider myself to be shy and introverted, but I have yet to live somewhere where no one likes me (although I do have some fun stories about some of the quirkier people I have lived next to). If you are moving to a new home and are worried about integrating yourself into your new community, here are a few things you can try.

Meeting the Neighbours Next Door

fruit basket for neighbours

Chances are you’re going to be living beside them for a long time so it makes sense that you would prefer a relationship where you say hello when you pass each other on the sidewalk instead of one where you peek out of your curtain to make sure they aren’t there before you run to your car.

Bring Them a Fruit Basket

A few days after we moved into our new home, our neighbours stopped over with a basket of fresh fruit from a friend’s orchard and homemade marmalade. As I accepted the basket we spent a few minutes chatting with each other. Since then we often chat and exchange homemade goodies and our kids play together all the time.

Spend Time Outside and Say Hello to Your Neighbours

Once someone told me that the hardest thing about making friends as an adult is that you can’t simply go up to someone in a grocery store and say “Hi do you want to be friends?” because it would be weird. That’s not necessarily the case. Although, if you are worried about coming across as strange, you could scope out your neighbours first by simply hanging out outside your home and casually waving them as they walk or drive past. Then you can build up your courage to saying “hello” to them and striking up a conversation.

Meeting Your Community

class to meet neighbours

Sometimes your community doesn’t mean the people who live right next door or even the ones down the street. Sometimes your community are those people whom you share a common interest with, work with, or have children in the same age range as.

You can Volunteer

One way to meet others is by volunteering. Whatever you enjoy doing, chances are there is some way for you to share that hobby or interest with others through volunteering at places like the hospital, library, animal shelter, or museum.

Take a Class

Have you always wanted to learn a new skill or brush up on one that you already have? Another great way to meet people is by taking a class. It could be at the local college campus, a pottery store, library, or a recreation centre. Some places you will have to pay for the classes, but other places offer classes for free. Then while you’re there, actually take time to speak to some of the other people in the class and see if you mesh with anyone.

Another way to take a class, attend a seminar or go for a walk with people from your community is by attending a local meetup. You can find these events on Meetup, which is a website that contains in-person events for a bunch of different interest groups.

Social Media

You can also find your community on social media. Before you move to your new home you can track down any area specific or interest specific groups in your new community and join them. The downside of virtual friends is they sometimes they remain virtual friends, but you can always arrange to meet them in-person once you feel ready to take your friendship offline.

No matter how you feel about meeting new people, Hendra Moving is here for you.  We know you want to spend less time worrying about moving and more time trying new things and meeting your neighbours. Book an estimate today and become one step closer to making your transition as easy as it can be.