A common goal expressed among movers, especially renters, when looking for a new home is to upgrade. However, an upgrade in residence isn’t always an upgrade in space. Your new home might be an apartment, or it might just be smaller. Downsizing during a move can be a complicated process. It requires some hefty planning on the mover’s part, as well as some critical thought on which things are worth keeping. Either way, moving to a smaller space is challenging. That’s why I’ve compiled some great tips to give you the time you need to think it all over.


Storage or Sales?

Deciding which things make the cut is a difficult task. It requires that you condense the things you need and let go of all the filler. Cutting clutter may be easy, but sometimes a move might ask that you get rid of even more things from your life. Storage is always an option, but the costs will pile up if you’re on a budget. On the other hand, some things things might be irreplaceable in your eyes. The question soon becomes, “Which items are less valuable to me than others?”

And this is where the difficult decisions are made. If this mover can make a suggestion on where to start, it would be with the outdated or damaged things in your life. For instance, you might have a cd player/boom box given to you during your teenage years which works perfectly fine. However, this item might also be vastly outdated by the various other ways you listen to music. Selling this product might not be your first choice, but in the coming moves, think about how it will (or in this case, won’t) fit into your daily music-listening experience. For damaged goods, think of these removals as promises to upgrade when you have the opportunity to do so.

What to put in Storage?

Mindset is important when purging your possessions. Strike a balance between ruthless and careful. You don’t want to rid yourself of something you’ll wish you’d kept. The things that are worth putting in storage should never be surplus to the things you already own. This means that spare beds, couches, tables, etc—aren’t worth the effort and costs of storage. However, if the item’s potential value exceeds the costs of three months of storage, then waiting on them could prove to be profitable.

Generally, what ends up going into storage should be things that would otherwise sit in the garage. Heirlooms, personal memorabilia, furniture that’s too big or even electronics that mess up the feng shui are viable for storage if you think the downsizing will be temporary. If you’re interested in storage options, Hendra has a variety of affordable lockers to suit your needs.


Packing Tips

Hendra Moving & Storage | Professional Moving in VictoriaTo start, write out or think about a rough floor plan for the new place. Having a general idea about where things will fit can help you pack and downsize accordingly to the needs of a space. Once you’ve prepared your floor plan, pack and label your things accordingly. This is even more important if you’re moving into an apartment from a house. Because of the limitations in space, you’ll have little room to rearrange when everything is boxed up.

When packing the moving truck, consider packing furniture last (or first if you have a lot). By setting up furniture early on, you allow yourself to work within a smaller space, unencumbered by boxes. If you have enough helpers to do so, you can leave one or two people at the new place to set up furniture while you pack up the boxes.


Hendra Can Help

Though, the best help you can ever get when downsizing is from professionals. Our movers can provide an effective transition, no matter the size. If the movers handle the unpacking of your move, they can operate quickly while also maintaining a level of care for fragile goods. If you have the budget for it, hiring professionals has many advantages. Request an estimate today to see if Hendra is right for you!